Amateur radio preamplifier ULNA3013 MK IV

Amateur radio preamplifier ULNA3013 MK IV
  • Preamplifier 50 MHz to 2400 MHz frequency range
  • The selective amplifiers only amplify the signals in the amateur band. The multi-stage band filters effectively suppress out-of-band signals.
  • The components and materials used are uncompromisingly first-class, and the housing concept sets standards.
  • N sockets integrated in the housing ensure low-loss transitions and permanent weather resistance.
                    Pure innovation:
  • The integrated direct supply enables the supply voltage to be connected directly via the DC socket.
  • The latest high-current P-HEMT Technology combines super low noise figure with outstanding large signal behavior OIP 38dBm.
  • Comfortable adjustment of the gain via the internal variable attenuator.
  • Sloping band filters provide more protection against out-of-band interference.
  • Individually tuned with on the modern Agilent Noise Gain Analyzer and SMART Noise Source guarantee precise measurement results.
Low Noise NOAA Amplifier
130-140 MHz | Noise Figure 0,4 dB | Gain 18dB


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