HAM RADIO Masthead-Preamplifer MKIV

HAM RADIO Masthead-Preamplifer MKIV

Amateur radio Masthead-Preamplifer MVV MK IV

Preamplifiers with transmission / reception switchover 50 MHz to 2400 MHz (depends on model)

The selective amplifiers only amplify the signals in the amateur band. The multi-stage band filters in the mast preamplifier effectively suppress out-of-band signals.

The components and materials used are uncompromisingly first-class, and the housing concept sets standards.

weather resistance. In the housing integrated N sockets ensure low-loss transitions and permanent

Common features:

Easy installation:  

between antenna and transceiver - mostly remote supply from the TRX is possible. Or our PAC2 sequencer or basic power supply can work comfortably with our remote feed switch FSW 30. Insert

   Flexibility built in:

Up to 50 W HF switches the automatic transmission / reception switchover (50W 500MHz)

The integrated direct supply enables the supply voltage to be connected directly via the DC socket.

Pure innovation:  
The latest high-current P-HEMT Technology combines super low noise figure with outstanding large signal behavior OIP 38dBm.

    Comfortable adjustment of the gain over the level of the supply voltage.  

    10 V - 10 dB, 16 V- 16dB (16 V 29dB at 23cm)  

    Sloping band filters provide more protection against out-of-band interference.  

Individually tuned on the modern Agilent Noise Gain Analyzer and SMART Noise Source guarantee precise measurement results. The amplifier will be delivered together with an individual Noise Gain report.
























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